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Charlena Marcuccio


MACP, RP (Qualifying), & Psychotherapy Associate 

Are you struggling to build and maintain safe, trusting, and deeply satisfying relationships? Are you struggling to take up space, set boundaries, and feel worthy? Relationships shine light on so much within us, including trauma, and wading through the pain and confusion on our own can feel overwhelming and hopeless. As we reach for authentic connection, we're met with roadblocks that seem to sabotage the intimacy that we need to feel deeply nourished. It may feel like it at times, but you are not broken. Having someone to walk beside you on your path to empowerment and authenticity can not only make the journey less lonely, but can in and of itself offer healing.


As a holistically minded, trauma-informed, sex-informed, & kink-allied practitioner, I help clients process trauma, deepen their self-understanding & create from a place of authenticity, learn to create safety in their own bodies & in their relationships, learn to truly see their partner(s), and explore topics such as pleasure issues & generational trauma. Modalities that I use include Internal Family Systems (IFS), Emotions Focused Therapy (EFT), somatic-based modalities, and mindfulness & compassion-focused therapies.


I look forward to supporting you and/or your relationship to help guide you towards healing, support, and authenticity.

My Story

Through sharing our story, we practice self acceptance. We teach ourselves that we, like everyone else, are human and deserving of love, compassion, connection, and celebration. For as long as I can remember, I've been inspired by the idea of healing. I started my academic career focused in the hard sciences inspired by a passion for nutrition, and later, sports medicine. While what was driving me was in part genuine, I was also in part driven by body image issues and disordered eating, and a need to make my parents proud, which I wasn't fully aware of at the time. I decided to apply to medical school, driven again by different parts within me trying to get their needs met. Luckily, after having a friend in medical school highlight for me that "doctors don't do healing", I changed my aim to holistic health: naturopathic medicine. While studying I experienced a health crisis, which opened me up to western philosophies, spirituality, energetics, and psychology. My healing journey, which began in what felt like hell, allowed me to pay attention to the voice inside that would say "there has to be another way [than what I've been taught]", and illuminated important questions like "am I suppressing my emotions to be liked and accepted by others? If I am, is this affecting my health?"

In my relationships, platonic and romantic, I experienced attachment issues and struggled to feel safe in being fully seen, setting boundaries, taking up space, and understanding my needs. I would see patterns repeat themselves and think to myself that something must be wrong with me. It wasn't until I began therapy that I was able to see my struggles from a more nuanced and compassionate perspective, which gradually led to embodied change. Therapy is a slow process; beyond traumas in this life, we're carrying the weight of our ancestors on our backs (although they impart gifts as well). Looking back from where I am now, I am amazed and grateful for how much more authentic, spontaneous, and alive I am (overall).
Specific things about me you may be curious about: I have experience in the ethical non-monogamy space as well as the kink space, I am deeply passionate about how our early childhood experiences affect us today, and am passionate about exploring the trials and tribulations of what sexual empowerment looks like for women.



  • H.B.Sc.

  • M.HK

  • MACP


  • Integrative Sex and Couples Certification Training: Certified Sex Therapy Informed Professional (CSTIP), Evergreen Certifications, 2024

  • IFS Immersion: Integrating Internal Family Systems (IFS) Across Clinical Applications, Pesi, 2024

  • Intensive Anger Management Certification Training: Mindfulness-Based Tools for Impulse Control and Reduced Emotional Reactivity, Pesi, 2024

  • Mastering the Treatment of Trauma, NICABM, 2024

  • How to Work with the Part of Trauma Your Client Can't Verbalize The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM), 2023

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